Storefront Memories

We find allot of storefronts demolished or abandoned today.  Developers come in and try to change the front facade or structure of a store. Unpredictably the store remains empty  due to the “big box malls”, plentiful parking, and the strip retail corridors.  The shopper wants trendy, up scale, and discount places to shop.

The saddest storefront to us is the theatre.  We find theatres converted into discount houses, furniture stores, shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants, ballrooms, drugstores, bowling alleys, antique-junk shops, and churches.  The theatre no longer reflects its original design – the movie palace. 

Come browse the old and new storefronts.  You will find two-story, wood framed,limestone and textured brick.  Stores with arched windows, decorative facade and victrolite.  Do you remember the bakery, bicycle shop, music store, the florist, camera shop and candy store?

F.W. Woolworth February 27, 1986
Rockaway Park, New York
F.W. Woolworth was founded in 1879 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  They were the largest discount retail chain known as the Five and Dime.  They closed all their stores in 1997.

I remember sitting at the long lunch counter at the Euclid Ave. Woolworth, Cleveland, Ohio, swiveling around and around on the stool, drinking an ice cream coke soda.