Amusement Park Memories

Relive the memories of summer days and nights at the amusement parks.  Look back and recall the shrieks of laughter as wooden roller coasters clattered up the wooden slope.  Recollect riding the flying chair, feet dangling loosely in the air.  Remember driving the "bumper car," the delight and excitement of side swiping or crashing into someone with your electric car.  A great source of pleasure was hanging out and playing games in the arcade.  Last but not least was a romantic ride through The Tunnel of Love at Euclid Beach Park, Idora Park, or Crystal Beach.

Remember the food stands of hot dogs and french fries, cotton candy, and funnel cakes.  Recall the bright vibrant colors of the carnival rides, and the majestic hand-carved horses on the carousel, spinning around and around to merry-go-round music that never stopped.  For a bigger thrill, there was the spinning Tilt-A-Whirl.

The summer season started and ended with fireworks. Boom! Kaboom! Boom! Fireworks!   “Oohs” and “Aahs”  The end was always the loudest Bang!  The spectacular sight turned into memories.

Tickets please!                                      

                  Last rides on the Flying Rocket Ship, Ferris Wheel, and Tilt-A-Wheel at 
Idora Park Youngstown, Ohio,
September 16, 1984
Idora Park was built in 1899, in Youngstown, Ohio.  The original name was “Terminal Park”, because it was the end of the line for trolleys.  They renamed the park in the same year, "Idora Park."  The park became known as “Youngstown’s Million Dollar Playground”.  We were there on the last day it was open: September 16, 1984.     (Return to Gallery)