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Welcome to American Classic Images

American Classic Images is now offering the public an opportunity to purchase nostalgic memorabilia from its forty-year collection of photographic images of vanishing America.  Almost all the subjects in these photographs, taken in urban and rural settings from fifty states, have disappeared in the wake of commercial development and interstate highways.  Nothing is left but visual memories that were captured in these rare photographs.  Recorded for posterity are many now extinct trains, hotels, railroad and bus stations, churches, courthouses, amusement parks, gas stations, movie houses, and the beauty of neon lighting found on theatre marquees, drive-ins, cafes that reflect the style and architecture of the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

In addition, there are photos of shops, eateries, and Art Deco buildings.  Additionally available are photos of billboards, old advertising signs, ghost signs on buildings, five and dime stores, hardware stores, furniture appliance stores, neighborhood drugstores, candy stores, jewelry stores, neighborhood grocery markets, barber and beauty shops, ice cream stands, bowling alleys, and still existing theatres. 

American Classic Images uses state-of-the-art printing equipment to produce archival quality Giclee prints lasting over one hundred years.  The artistic and professional qualities of these unique photographs are highly praised and featured in magazines, books, calendars, and newspapers.  

 The images were recorded regardless of rainy, cloudy, or snowy conditions, each one true to the moment it was taken. Explore our journey of American Classic Images.

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